Deering Banjos 1987 Custom Built GDL Long Neck Banjo

$7,295.00 $5,995.00


1987 Custom GDL Long Neck

This one of a kind custom banjo was built in 1987 features a beautiful flamed maple neck. A flamed maple resonator that’s interior is natural finished as well. It also features an ebony fingerboard and chrome hardware instead of nickel. This banjo is tuned in open E, but with a capo and the built in fifth string capo you can also tune to F, F#, and G. This banjo is in amazing condition and has been well taken care of. It sounds incredible and it plays fantastically. This one also comes with a hardshell case.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 21 x 10 x 48 in


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